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It’s Important to Use a Strong Password

I was surprised last week when I suddenly began receiving phone calls from friends asking me why I was posting spam related messages to the walls of their Facebook accounts. I had been away on a business trip for the past few days, so I had no idea what they were talking about. When I logged into my account, I realized I could not get in and my password had been changed, too. One friend mentioned it is possible to hack a Facebook account these days, and that may have been what happened to me.

I do not use social media very often. I started up just the one account several years ago on a whim. I did have a fun time catching up with some old friends and flames during the few months or so. It was great to learn that everyone was happy and healthy.

I Spent All Day at the Courthouse

I spent all day at the courthouse sitting around in jury duty and trying to kill time. I down there bright and early when they told me to be there and a couple of times it looked like they were going to get me to do something. This Sacramento criminal attorney talked to a bunch of the people and kept the ones that they wanted, but they did not get to me on that and I realized that they were going to make me wait until the next case came up. Of course I was sitting there wondering how long they could make you stay there. It was obvious that a lot of people had excuses that they used to get out of it and I could have made something up. however I did not really know what was going on.

Lawyers Who Know Unemployment Compensation Law

Unemployment compensation law pertains to the existence of an adequate insurance coverage that will serve to assist a person while he or she is in the process of looking for new employment. Subsistence is the primary reason why financial aid is beneficial to the unemployed worker as he or she still has obligations even without proper employment. The article will be tackling the different aspects that make a person qualified to receive compensation and what factors will automatically disqualify his or her application.

The eligibility of people who are applying for financial grants at the time of unemployment depends highly on the existence of a compensation law made to address such concerns. When a person wants to avail of unemployment compensation, eligibility will be determined by the employment history he or she presents, stating the minimum amount of income that the ruling requires. It is an important factor for the financial support to be granted when the applicants were working regular jobs preceding the unemployment claim application.

The unemployment compensation law will require that an applicant have some documents showing that he or she has been employed for a minimum of one year before losing a job. One other concern before a financial grant is given to an unemployed worker pertains to his or her attitude towards working once again, where he or she would be able and willing to do so. It is possible that a person is denied such support and these factors will be discussed in a while.

It is a good decision to go for the option of applying for an unemployment claim at the local agencies. The implementation of the compensation law includes a provision stating that people applying for aid need to comply with the legal document requirements asked from them. Compensation settlements take time to process and so it is important to send out an application right away.

What can qualify a person for significant compensation as stated under the compensation law for unemployment? The self employed as well as the independent or freelance workers are exempted from the benefits under the compensation law. Having a serious medical condition that will force the person not to work will immediately cause a disapproval of the application.

The extent of the benefits one can gain from the compensation law is reserved for regular workers excluding the self employed or the independent workers for that matter. What qualifies as a proper reason to leave a place of employment for the regular worker? It is justifiable and a good reason if he or she may have had a run with illegal activity in the workplace, poor security measures, and even harassment.

A spouse finding employment out of the state is a good reason that will still qualify a person to seek unemployment benefits. A person may have to leave his or her job if the military requires him or her to serve, in the same way that it is a valid excuse to take care of ill family members. There may be some alterations to the compensation law for some areas and so being familiar with the local provisions is a must for everybody.

There are ways by which people can be denied a series of benefits as provided by the compensation law for unemployment. A record of bad behavior, tardiness, absences, and insubordination will immediately eliminate a worker in this case. The unemployment compensation ruling does not extend to abusers of alcohol, drugs, and other substances especially at work.

Check payments from compensation law benefits can amount to twenty six weeks in payments. Some other elements of the compensation agreement are that the person should be willing to work and is actively looking for work while settlements are being given to him or her. Unemployment benefits only serve to provide assistance in getting people back to work.

How to Keep your Car in Bankruptcy *


For most of us, a car is a necessity. Very few people can survive in an urban setting without a car in the 21st century. At the same time, most people own a car through obtaining a car loan. If you fall behind in your car loan repayments, the lender has a right to repossess the car. When you file for bankruptcy, that is what is likely to happen. The lender would demand the car back and sell it at an auction. If the proceeds of the auction is insufficient to cover the outstanding loan, the lender will initiate a lawsuit against you to recover the balance.

So is there a way to keep your car when you file for bankruptcy? Here are some things you can do.

When you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you can “redeem” the car by paying the lender the value of the car and discharging the rest of the car loan in bankruptcy. On the other hand, if you file for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, your car can also be “redeemed” if the car loan is more than 910 days old or if the loan was not used only for purchasing the loan (i.e. a rollover loan from a trade-in).

Furthermore, if you do not have enough money to pay the value of the car to the lender, you may take up a loan to do so even while in bankruptcy. This is good news if you have an upside down car loan (a situation in which the market value of the car is less than the outstanding car loan). You can file for bankruptcy and keep your car.

Another thing you can do to keep your car in bankruptcy is reaffirm your car loan with the lender. This means you confirm with the lender that despite filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you will continue paying the car loan installments. And the lender agrees not to repossess your car as long as you maintain the car loan repayments during bankruptcy.

The only problem with reaffirming your car loan is that if you fall behind on your payments after your bankruptcy is discharged, the lender can still repossess the car and sue you for the balance of loan. in view of this, you should always discuss your reaffirmation agreement with a bankruptcy attorney before entering into one with your lender.

If you wish to file for bankruptcy or discuss matters about bankruptcy, call us at (813) 200-4133 for a free consultation.

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5 Ways to Avoid Filing for Bankruptcy

The B Word. We know what it is but don’t like to say it, and we hope we never have to go through it. The mere thought of bankruptcy sends shivers down our spines and makes our bank accounts quiver in fear. It has its reputation as the ultimate nadir of personal finance.Bankruptcy, according to finance guru Dave Ramsey, is often considered one of the top five life-altering negative events a person can experience, with divorce, severe illness, disability and the loss of a loved one. Ramsey says that bankruptcy “leaves deep wounds both to the psyche and the credit report.”

Bankruptcies in the United States were abundant last year, with more than 1.4 million chapter 7, 11, 12 and 13 filings through the end of 2011, according to data from the United States Courts. The reasons individuals or businesses file for bankruptcy varies from person to person, but one thing’s certain–going bankrupt means that one must declare complete legal insolvency. When you’re in over your head and can’t pay back your debts, it may seem like there’s no other alternative.

But like anything in money and life, myths abound. Going bankrupt doesn’t always mean that a person was irresponsible with their money and seeks a bailout. And if you’re in financial trouble, filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy doesn’t have to be your first, or your last choice. There are a few preventive measures and last-ditch moves you can take to avoid bankruptcy and get back in the black … hopefully, for good.

1. Settle/negotiate your debts. Commonly, Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a liquidation–a wiping clean or erasing of your debt. It can be dangerous for individuals because it can mean relinquishing your assets or property. If you’re on the brink of filing for Chapter 7, it is possible to hold onto your money and still pay back your creditors by settling your debts instead.

Debt consolidation is an arrangement with lenders to repay your debts without losing any of your assets. In this case, the person thinking of bankruptcy consolidates their debts into a single loan with one monthly payment, and at a lower interest rate.

Debt settlement is similar–like debt consolidation, it means that a person must negotiate some kind of deal with creditors. If it’s likely they’ll get their money back, most lenders will work with you to devise a reduced payment plan schedule. This may include waiving your current payments if you agree to make larger payments down the road to make up for the delay. Reducing you debt in this way is often looked at in terms of the snowball approach, paying smaller bills first and working your way up, or the avalanche method, paying down larger debt and decreasing payments as you go.

The chance to pay down your debt keeps you in control of your finances and away from having to file for bankruptcy.

2. Sell your property. In a Chapter 7 case–total bankruptcy–your property is put up for review by a trustee, who makes the decision on what to sell or liquidate so your claim can be settled. You can avoid this altogether by being proactive and selling some of your belongings before bankruptcy becomes an option.

If you’re in debt, consider what you can afford to part with. Do you have a second car, a collection of antiques, or other valuables? Many people consult with an appraiser so they can determine the value of their property. This doesn’t mean you need to clear out your home, but taking to CraigsList, eBay, or a public auction may earn you some much-needed funds.

Even if this approach only raises a minimal amount of cash needed to pay off some debt, it’s much better than being forced to surrender your property in a bankruptcy filing.

3. Borrow money from family or friends. It takes a lot of pride-swallowing to ask a parent, sibling or trusted friend for financial help. Many personal relationships have been tainted over money, but if you’re this close to going bankrupt, don’t be ashamed to make the approach–just make sure that it will be worth your time and their money. Make a budget and see how much money you’ll need to raise to avoid bankruptcy; figure out what you’ve been able to afford, and you’ll know how much more to ask for.

Asking your family for money when you’re in danger of going bankrupt involves the utmost trust. Ask yourself: Are they 100 percent on board to help you? Will their financial generosity really help to solve your problems, or will it be a “Band-aid” approach to delaying your pending bankruptcy? Most of all, have you considered how you’ll pay back not only your creditors, but your family, in time?

4. Restructure your mortgage. If you’re paying off your home, another method is to restructure or refinance your mortgage. By arranging a new mortgage payment plan, you may be able to save some money to put toward paying down your debt. It’s worth it if you can avoid bankruptcy or getting your home foreclosed.

There are two basic ways changing up your mortgage can aid you in averting a bankruptcy filing. First is to negotiate an agreement with your housing lender to reconfigure your mortgage under a new payment plan. See if you can devise a new or temporary payment schedule under the same terms of your original mortgage. A second approach is to refinance your mortgage altogether, which may include applying for a lower, adjustable interest rate stretched out over a longer period of time. The money you save on the front end can be useful in paying off your remaining debt and staving off the threat of bankruptcy.

5. Make real sacrifices. Sometimes the most surefire way to save money is to simply cut back. If you’re teetering close to the edge of a Chapter 7, reassess your budget and get rid of unnecessary expenses. Are you in over your head on your credit cards? Can you do without eating out or going to the movies? Canceling that gym membership or cable bill, albeit temporarily, can free up a lot of money.

Distinguishing your wants and needs–say, those frequent shopping trips to the mall vs. paying your electricity–is all part of learning how to save money and reduce your debt. Start living within your means and spending less than you earn, and the savings will add up.

If you find that going it alone doesn’t work, one alternative is to consult with a credit counselor or personal finance consultant to get your finances back on track. In this case, your No. 1 priority is rearranging your budget so bankruptcy isn’t even an option.

Trying out some of these suggestions could go a long way in helping you avoid bankruptcy.You may find that following one, all or a combination thereof makes all the difference that you need. It will be difficult; there’s no quick fix or easy solution to digging out of debt. But like starting a new diet or fitness plan, it requires discipline and a completely new lifestyle approach to the way you handle your finances, and make your money work for you, not your creditors, in the long run.

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Do I Honestly Require an Attorney at Law?

There are numerous occasions in our life when we have to hire an attorney. Prior to even looking at the questions you would possibly put to any legal| professional and before contracting for their services there is one question it is advisable to ask yourself first-“Do I require legal representation?”

It is possible that whatever situation you are dealing with might be taken care of without the necessity for an attorney and the sensible use of communication and good judgment will then handle most disputes when your first thought would be to reach for the phone book and look for a lawyer.

As an example, a problem with your neighbor over a boundary fence, unnecessary noise or the numerous problems which do occur every so often with neighbors may be more positively resolved by speaking with your neighbor directly or through a 3rd party such as a mediator.

Other situations that you might take up yourself include the small claims court in your state that is set up to allow ordinary people to settle their disputes without the burden of hefty legal fees. Court staffs are usually very supportive in answering most questions that you may have and can furnish you with the correct forms to fill out and the correct procedure to follow.

A necessary feature to also consider prior to hiring a lawyer is this: the lay litigant, who is the ordinary person with no legal representation, in my experience, almost always gets a good deal from the court and the reason for this is the ideals upon which our legal system was built.

When you consider laws and justice, a symbol you will always picture are the scales of justice. They represent a balancing of the rights of everyone in any legal dispute on which the judge will rule. Judges are quite conscious of a need to ensure that when faced with a decision that they are keeping those scales well balanced. Whenever a judge is faced with a lay litigant on the one hand and an experienced attorney on the other side of the disagreement the judge will constantly make certain that the scales are well balanced by being very helpful and considerate towards the lay litigant to ensure that his rights aren’t trodden underfoot by a smooth, experienced attorney.

For this reason you could consider representing yourself in less serious disputes and where the cost of hiring an attorney is unreasonable or where you might simply not have the money. Nonetheless you should think long and hard prior to acting as your own attorney because it could prove very costly in the end.

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The Easiest Way To Choose a Tax Attorney

How to Work out Your Tax Problems

If you have gotten into some trouble with the IRS then it may be time to recruit the assistance of a professional. You can begin by attempting to get the advice of an accountant or other tax expert to see how grave the situation is. If they are not able to work with you than we advise you move on to choosing a tax lawyer.

What Exactly Does a Tax Lawyer Do?

Tax lawyers can be used for a few specific things where you could need extra help dealing with a tax problem. As mentioned before, it is possible to use a Certified Public Accountant to assist, however the top solution is to hire a professional that has practice with the lawful aspects of tax negotiations and litigation expertise. Many times a tax attorney can help drop your payments or offer a better prepared settlement that is useful for both parties concerned. A domestic lawyer could be one more choice if they have knowledge with tax issues, but your best bet is to work with an attorney that specializes in tax law.

Where to Find a Tax Attorney?

Tax attorneys can be located by using your yellow pages, receiving a referral from friends and family, or by looking through the Web. A brief search with your favorite search engine will bring up a catalog of options for tax lawyers in your area. A web directory that provides tax attorneys by state is a wonderful place to discover someone. Setup an appointment with a few possible candidates and observe what their rates are and if they can assist with your problem.

A Word Of Warning

When choosing a tax lawyer you probably get what you pay for as far as charges go. Don’t go for the least expensive one you can locate as you may be sorry when it doesn’t work out. Try and obtain references and select an authority in the area that is knowledgeable about tax law and can proposal a brief solution to help you fix the problem.

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Elements about Islamic Home Loans

Home purchasing is certainly a confounded procedure. At initially, you need to appraise the home loan you will be getting with your present certifications, then you will need to count whether the houses accessible in your financial plan would have the capacity to meet your way of life needs or not (or so far as that is concerned, whether, at all they would have the capacity to oblige all your relatives easily or not). In the event that you are a Muslim, you would need to go above and beyond in getting some answers concerning the route in which Islamic home loans work. It is essential to understand that the Holy Quran does not permit Muslims to get or pay intrigue and extra to his riches all the while. You can reproduce your riches with the assistance of exchanging, yet not by accepting premium rates. This specific perspective makes Islamic home loans an intriguing territory of study since it is exceptionally hard to envision contract without hobbies. Read on:

Two sorts of Islamic Mortgage Loans

There are two sorts of loans including in Islamic home financing-the Ijara loans and the Murabaha loans. Verify that you are adapting appropriately about these two loans with a specific end goal to guarantee that you’re not ridiculing the standards in terms of profiting home loan.

Ijara Loans

Presently Ijara strategy for Islamic home financing the bank purchases a property and offers it to you on lease for a time of good 20 to 25 years. For this situation, you can even purchase the house toward the end of the lease period. Furthermore, in the middle of every one of these years you will really be paying lease rather than hobbies. The rent shifts at this very moment rates of enthusiasm for the business sector. That is one method for owning a property in case you’re a Muslim. There’s another route clarified underneath.

Murabaha Method

As indicated by this specific strategy for Islamic home financing the bank purchases the property and offers it to you at an altered benefit. The property is enlisted against your name. It is essential to get some answers concerning these specific techniques for home financing to guarantee that you are really not ridiculing the standards of the sacred Quran while purchasing your fantasy home.

Verify you’re discovering the banks, which have strategies in consistence with the Islamic technique for home financing. Ideally this article has been of assistance.

How to guard yourself amid the court hearing?

Amid the traffic court hearing, it is really important to make a decent impact on the judge. Regardless of the possibility that you are in the court for battling for the Las Vegas traffic ticket charge, yet it is important to have a charming mentality and in addition to dress decent. Additionally, it is likewise imperative to be affable in the court, particularly when conversing with the judge. Continuously make an effort not to contend with the judge.

Aside from enlisting a Las Vegas traffic ticket lawyer to help you in the court, you should likewise convey the witnesses that you have to the court. Sometimes, you may need to subpoena them. Frequently the witnesses can likewise confirm and support your adaptation of occasions and along these lines, they will help you to release the traffic ticket. Indeed, even in the event that you have the travellers in the auto, put them on the witness stand as well.

A Guide to Defend Yourself in the Traffic Court

On the off chance that you accept that your best advantage is to challenge your Las Vegas traffic ticket, then you must set yourself up well to speak to yourself in the court. Like as whatever other courts, in the traffic courts as well, it is not your business to demonstrate that you are guiltless. However, this is the occupation of the state to demonstrate that you are really liable of the charges of traffic infringement.

How to set yourself up in the eyes of seeming to the court?

Under the watchful eye of heading off to the court, it is an insightful alternative to be all around arranged by gathering every one of the duplicates of the police reports. It is on account of you have every one of the rights to have the duplicates of all the witness proclamations and reports. In the wake of gathering all the vital records, the following thing that you ought to do is to check the vehicle code of Las Vegas. Next, contrast your traffic infringement and the behaviour, said in that code to guarantee that you have a legitimate purpose of guard. In this circumstance, you can look for the help of a specialist Las Vegas traffic ticket lawyer.

Moreover, it is additionally important to take the photos of the region where the episode occurred to demonstrate that the state isn’t right. Furthermore, it is additionally prescribed to check the odometer of the vehicle to guarantee it is not broken.


Regardless of the fact that the choice of the judge is not to support you rather than your attempt to protect, you ought not to make any clamour in the court and ought to acknowledge the choice serenely.

About Paralegal Jobs

To turn into a paralegal fills in as a possibility for all the law graduates, who have run over a little trouble securing some preparation contract? Frequently the paralegals are contrasted with the attendants. It is on the grounds that, similar to presently bolster the specialists in their works, the paralegals likewise offer assistance to the legal advisors. The occupation of a Toronto paralegal chiefly includes helping the attorney with both non-lawful and legitimate assignments, primarily with the corporate or prosecution groups of bigger law offices. In this article, you will discover complete data about the employments of paralegals.

There is no necessity of any capabilities

Shocked? However, this is valid. To be a paralegal Toronto, no extraordinary capability is required. Yet, this doesn’t imply that every one of the paralegals have the same information and the same obligations. One can quickly join a law office as a paralegal in the wake of finishing the paralegal course. Along these lines, in the event that you don’t favor setting off to any college and in the event that you are not certain whether you can really need to plunge your toe into the legitimate business, then you can begin your profession right now paralegal. Then again, on the off chance that you need to proceed with this vocation, then begin by giving your customers legitimate data, going by the court and meeting the witnesses and customers.

Going stone to the preparation contract

In the event that you are a late law graduate, attempting to the get the gloves on any preparation contract, then it is fundamental not to have the disposition that the employment a Toronto paralegal is underneath you. In spite of the fact that it is truly fine to have the goals and objectives, however the work of a paralegal can really help you to get a preparation contract. There are various organizations that enlist the students from the paralegal list. This thing is truly useful to both the gatherings, and here the graduate can get some significant experience of lawful work added to their repertoire while putting their aptitudes and learning into practice.

Profession alternatives

A paralegal Toronto doesn’t work for a law office. Maybe the expert can likewise act as the guide for the exchange unions or philanthropy, implementation associations, police strengths or even the privately owned businesses, exhorting the staff about overseeing contracts or the business law. Aside from that, there is to a greater extent a work-life equalization for the paralegals. Being a specialist, the paralegal will need to work for extended periods with no uncertainty.

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5 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Family Lawyer in New York



A Family lawyer is the need of the hour when issues arise out of matters related to marriage and family, adoption of children and rearing of children or there can be a dispute among marital partners that cannot be amicably resolved. You are going to need a Good Family Lawyer if you develop some intricacies in your marital relationships or even in your live-in relationships.


Before you set out to make a choice among the hundreds of Family Lawyers Available in New York, you can consider the following points


  • The foremost quality of a Good Lawyer is going to be his or her oration. Your choice of a good attorney is to be made considering if the lawyer is good at speaking efficiently and putting words before the judge in an orderly manner.
  • The attorney should be good at analyzing things. There is bound to be a huge amount of information at his disposal, but he must be competent to make use of it.
  • Your attorney should have some creative potential. Practicing law requires one to create new and novel solutions to new problems that arise with the changing times.
  • A Good Lawyer Always has a competence in forming interpersonal relations with his clients and his colleagues. The bond of trust between them can go a long way in deciding the final result of the case in court.
  • A Good Lawyer must be skilled enough to handle all the pressures of the court cases. The legal profession requires one to be on one’s toes round- the- clock without any signs of fatigue or exhaustion. Court cases often require a lot of heavy work and devotion to one’s work.


  • Practicing law requires a comprehensive knowledge of the law cases in the past. A competent lawyer always has a number of strategies prepared by a thorough research into the past. So, make sure your choice of attorney has competent skills at research.

New York lawyers are sure to help you sort out matters related to divorce and separation. There are likely to be all kinds of disputes among family members regarding the distribution of ancestral property or there might be a dispute over inheritance of a property between siblings. A good family lawyer is the best solution here.

All such matters should be dealt with at all levels of their intricacies with the best minds in the business. A competent and able lawyer is well aware of all the intricacies involved in these cases. If you have to file a case for adopting a child, a lawyer is to know all the intricacies associated with it.

A family law attorney is going to be your best friend in case you need some advice on settling family disputes. He will not jump into the dispute himself, but gives you good advice on how to handle matters. He can represent your case the in the best manner possible.


Ask the Attorney: Debt Management or Bankruptcy? *

Q: I am up to my neck in credit card debt and don’t know where to turn. I keep hearing all of these commercials for debt management programs that make bankruptcy sound like the worst thing ever. What’s the deal?

The short answer is: it depends.

What makes sense for one person may not make sense for another based on your financial situation. If the stars are lined up properly, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is sometimes the perfect solution to your financial woes.

If you fit the profile for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the main drawback is the negative impact on your credit score; but let’s be honest here. If you are this close to filing bankruptcy, your credit is probably not that great to begin with. Sometimes the only way to rebuild a house is to tear it down and start over, which is what a Chapter 7 bankruptcy will allow you to do.

It is important to remember that a Chapter 7 bankruptcy will liquidate, or wipe out, most of your unsecured debts (like credit cards and medical bills), where a debt management program simply reduces interest rates and allows you to repay over time. But there are strict rules involved in debt management that usually prohibit you from using your cards again for any reason. Here are some factors to consider:

Do you own or rent your home? One of the big stumbling blocks for people wishing to file bankruptcy is that they have too much equity in their homes. To figure out how much equity you have, simply take the current value of your home and subtract how much you owe on your mortgages; be sure to include home equity loans in that figure. A single person can still file with about $20,000 in equity, and a married couple can file with about $40,000 in equity. With falling home values, many people who have been unable to file bankruptcy in the past may be able to do so now.

The question that usually accompanies the discussion of home equity is whether or not you can keep your home, and the answer is usually “yes.” As long as you are willing to keep making your mortgage payments (which will be much easier if you wipe out a ton of credit card debt), you can keep your home. Cars typically fall under the same category; you can keep them if you continue to make payments.

There is a simple test I give people who are contemplating bankruptcy. Since a Chapter 7 bankruptcy can stay on your credit report for up to seven years, take an honest look at your debt and ask yourself if you will have it paid on your own within seven years. If the answer is “no”, and it almost always is, then you need to seriously examine whether a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is right for you.

This article is intended as a discussion of legal topics that are often confusing to many laypeople; it is not, and should not be relied on, as legal advice. The views expressed in this article are those of the individual contributor and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the PA Focus.

Attorney Jesse White is licensed to practice solely in Pennsylvania and any information discussed relates solely to Pennsylvania law. The hiring of a lawyer is an important decision that should only be made after careful consideration. If you feel you need to hire an attorney, contact The Law Office of Jesse White at 724-743-4444 for free written information about areas of practice and experience.

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