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Welcome to EUGAD WIKI
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EUGAD is the acronym for "European Citizens working for the global agenda for human development" [1]

EUGAD receives financial support by the European Commission External Cooperation Programme; it is one of the Actions funded for implementing the Sub-Programme "Non State Actors and Local Authorities" - Section: Public awareness and education for human development in Europe.

Contact: DCI-NSA ED/2008 153-791

Focus: ⇒ Collection of tools, case studies, other resources. ⇒ Insert in the Manual Chapters the boxes with the links to the Videos collected on the Eugad Channel on YouTube and give indications for a participated approach to the production of the documentaries

This is a list of the main sections for readers

What is Eugad?: Eugad vision, background, objective and approach.
For whom is this project?  What will it deliver? What is the action plan? Where is it leading to?
  ⇒ Action presentation   

Представяне на проекта   

Prezentarea actiunii  

Presentazione dell'azione

The Manuals illustrate how to integrate development issues into education and information activities in Europe. Their scope is to facilitate opinion makers to raise the awareness of the European Public about the scope and the challenges of the Global Partnership for Human Development.
See ⇒  index.

The manual is written on the basis of the information, data analysis, findings, suggestions and recommendations received through a process of stakeholders consultation.

In ⇒ issues you can see the list of the main questions under review with a synopsis of the contributions received in the consultation process.

In ⇒ interviews you will find a list of the persons who contributed to the analysis of project issues and a link to the transcription and/or audio/video recording of their interviews.

In ⇒ articles you will find a list of more complete contributions and articulated debates. 

In Site Map  you can have a more detailed description of what is available in this site. </span>

news and guidelines for contributors

Activities and expected results: the tasks assigned to project partners.

Guidelines: Methodological and Organizational indications.

Partners  The organizations that share the Eugad mission  and are contributing to Eugad Activities.

Contributors:  The persons who contributed to Eugad project by providing ideas, suggestions, resources, plans for action, etc.

NewsCalendarReports -

Present task priorities - where editors should concentrate their efforts:

⇒ Writing and Reviewing the Manual Chapters: - see index

⇒ Insert in the Manual Chapters the boxes with the links to the Videos collected on the Eugad Channel on YouTube and give indications for a partecipated approach to the production of the documentaries.

Reinforcing the network and collaborate with network partners in designing new projects

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