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Name Wilma
Surname Massucco
Date of birth 10 August 1968
Member of Armadilla
Occupation Freelance journalist

Read here the Documentary scene about Wilma Massucco (Scene #    of the Eugad documentary)


Who is Wilma Massucco

Started with a degree in Chemical Engineer (University of Genoa, Italy), Wilma Massucco is now a freelance journalist, specialized in interviews, owner and founder of Bluindaco Productions, a Documentary Film Company.

She starts as film maker with the Documentary LIFE DOES NOT LOSE ITS VALUE, Father Berton and the former child soldiers of Sierra Leone (DVD – COL – ITA/ENG 53’), of which she’s Director and Producer (Bluindaco Productions – All rights reserved © 2012)

Since 2010 she has been cooperating with Armadilla, NGO leading of EUGAD , to which she contributed with Interviews , Articles, collection of Good practices , editing of News for the Eugad website; she's also one of the editors of the Eugad Manuals for Opinion Leaders.

In order to reach the objectives of the Action and provide a successful quality of the Eugad outputs (Manuals, Documentaries, Website) she arranged a Quality System , to be used as a tool to define quality standards, procedures to keep the quality standards, procedures to check the quality standards, consensus process for the imprimatur of Eugad outputs.

She took part, as member of Eugad, together with the National television RAI TG1 Team, to the production of Documentaries in Sierra Leone (the RAI edition of the video resources created and shared by EUGAD can be seen on the web site of Speciale TG1, Nov 27th 2011 ).

During the travel in Sierra Leone she met Father Giuseppe Berton.

Other information:

Publications on Italian National Newspapers and Magazines, i.e. La Stampa, Il Manifesto, Terra, Buddismo & Società, Nuovo Rinascimento, Azione Non Violenta, Scienza e Pace.

Travelling in India, Nepal, Myanmar, Perù, Egypt, Namibia, USA, Cina, Sierra Leone, she realized many journalistic reportage, such as about “Conflict mediation in Indian tribal areas” (Rangpur, Gujarat, India, 2007), “Paralympic games in Pechino” (Pechino, 2008), “World Water Forum and Counterforum” (Istanbul, 2009).

She got a Master in Marketing Communication (ISTIC, Milan); she's Conflict Mediator for Social and Intercultural Conflicts (University of Florence); she attended a course for Management of Media Social Network (Alta formazione, MO) and a course of Video journalism (Fuori.Tv, MO).

Location of Operations and Activities: mainly Modena, Italy

e - mail:


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Videos on Youtube


See Wilma Massucco - Articles


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See Wilma Massucco - News

Good practices

See Wilma Massucco - Good practices

Quality System

See Wilma Massucco - Quality System

New projects - consultation and networking

See Wilma Massucco - New projects: consultation and networking

Conversation with Wilma

See Video conversation with Wilma Massucco  interviewed  by Gauri De Santis

See  also ⇒ italian language Wilma's answer to the basic questions  

See  also ⇒  italian language - Wilma's answers to List of questions and answers from the Eugad Team to the Degrowth theory

On going Activities (December 2009 - October 2010)

Continuation of the consultation process and expand the activity of networking, that include:

  • holding new interviews and uploading interviews on the wiki
  • Linking the issues emerging from the the interviews with the chapters of the Manuals
  • Utilizing the results of consultations with partners for providing inputs for the preparation of the documentaries (like holding video interviews, preparing suggestions for the script, etc.)
  • Deepen the relationship with the partners of the network in order to built up partnerships and cooperations
  • Deepen the relationship with partners in order to map and collect knowledge resources and example of good practices. Upload these in the resources in the relevant chapters of the manual (see Other resources and example of good or bad practices )
  • Following the given guidelines, give visibility to what is being done through the "news" of the Web Site

Expected deliverables:

On the wiki 15 stakeholders interviews are uploaded in accordance with the provided guidelines .These interviews are linked to the updated contributors profiles (all linked to the stakeholders lists).All interviews have a short synopsis in English highlighting the most relevant passages. Links are made from the interviews to the chapters of the manuals and vice-versa. Some of these interviews are conducted in video (for utilization in the web site and eventually in the documentaries); some of these interviews are relevant for the activities of developing new projects. On the basis of the interviews, knowledge resources and example of good practices are collected and uploaded in the relevant chapters of the manual (see Other resources and example of good or bad practices ).

Future Steps

Finalize Stakeholders Consultations

The Activity outputs of the Stakeholder Consultation process are:

  • Conduct a second round of consultations with contributors and partners of Wilma's list in order to prepare a Report that identifies:

- how much the draft version of the manual was successful in responding to the capacity gaps among target in better informing the public

- how much the draft version of the manual was successful to facilitate the stakeholders in in enabling informed choices among public with regard to support for global partnerships aimed at reducing poverty and achieving the MDGs

- what are the other indications of the stakeholders with regard to the reading of the draft manuals the pilot documentaries and other outputs of the Eugad Web Site

  • and which will contribute to identify key stakeholders to be interviewed for the documentaries

The report will include:

  • Three detailed video interviews with key stakeholders (to be done in agreement with Armadilla expert) to be utilised for the documentaries. These interviews are to be transcribed in English

  • One article written for the EUGAD newsletter and one article for the EUGAD web site

  • An analysis of the Feedbacks from partners and key stakeholders on the Draft version of the Manuals (your feedback and opinions and those of the stakeholders is vital for the relevance and success of the Manuals)

Facilitating and promoting the Dissemination of Action Outputs

  • The activities of this step will include, among others,
    1. Assistance in broadcasting the documentaries in Italy, Bulgaria, Romania and other EU countries,
      #Assistance in dissemination and utilisation of manuals, web site and documentaries for educational and awareness building in schools, through specialised media events, among local authorities and in events or initiatives organised by them.
      #Cooperation in the preparation of other project proposals to be submitted to the European Commission calls for proposals
  • The activities of this step will be further detailed by the Armadilla expert in cooperation with the partners in the next project year.
  • However, the partners can already start networking for this activity and explore ways of distributing the Action products, especially the documentaries, in local or foreign televisions and networks they are part of or connected with.
  • See also the project agenda in

Other Tasks

Her tasks include network creation and management, contribution to the creation of project deliverables and utilization and dissemination of project outputsfor achieving the project outcomes.



Suggestions for interviews

Suggestions for uploading interview results 

An example of the process of uploading interviews

Curriculum Vitae - pdf version

Curriculum Vitae Wilma Massucco

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